HR Strategy

HR Strategy

$795.00 + GST

  • Get your HR / people practices up to date
  • 1:1 personal access to an experience HR Manager
  • Reduce confusion and overwhelm about HR – get clarity!
  • Ensure your business is operating compliantly and mitigating risk


Do you operate a small to medium sized business that has recently started up, or going through a significant growth phase?

Not sure what effective people / human resources practices and processes you should be implementing into your organisation to ensure you continue to achieve the maximum level of productivity and success?

As with any business we know that people are the key to a successful company. Now is the time to consider reviewing your people and human resources practices, to identify gaps and let HRonHand work with you in developing your People Plan (think of this as your People Roadmap) with our HR Strategy Session.


Why undertake a HR Strategy and how will my business benefit?

Developing a HR Strategy touches on all the key HR areas in your business:  recruitment, staff development, performance, pay and incentives, career and succession planning.

It’s also important that all your HR processes and initiatives are developed as part of an overall people strategy which is aligned with, and designed to assist in the achievement of, your businesses strategy and goals.

A HR Strategy Session will help you to identify what unites and motivates employees and to develop a People Plan around that understanding, in addition to a process to implement the plan into your business.

The key benefits of completing a HR Strategy include:

  • Assessing if your HR practices are adequate, legal, and compliant.
  • Will identify critical non-compliant gaps and implementing appropriate human resources processes will assist in reducing the risk of being liable for what are deemed as “unfair employment practices”.
  • Is a cost effective method of assessing and planning for your future people needs aligned to your business plans and goal: business growth – recruiting, attracting and retaining good employees; upskilling and retraining needs for changing workplace needs, or meeting restructuring / downsizing needs.
  • Design and implement a HR strategy to ensure your business runs efficiently, effectively, and smoothly in the future


What do we need from you to make the process effective?

To ensure a good understanding of your business HR needs we will ask you some initial questions about your business including:

1. Number of employees and / or independent contractors

2. Your business structure / organisational chart

3. Current culture and team dynamics

4. High level details about your product / service mix and scale of business, and

5. Main reason for focusing on human resources improvements for your business

6. Your dedicated – and valuable – time to complete the various components of the strategy session – generally held over four separate meetings. In total, approximately four hours.


What will a HR Strategy Session include?

Your HR Strategy Session and subsequent People Plan is built on the foundation of your  business plan and will include the following steps:

1.Completion of a HR Audit – exploring your existing people practices and processes, and will identify any gaps aligned to your business plans.

Your HR Audit includes:

✔ Personal one-on-one time with a HR Manager via Zoom or phone, to complete your HR Audit Questionnaire.

✔ Provision of comprehensive HR Audit Results Report with key priorities noted so you can use these for consideration in your longer-term planning needs.

2. Based on priorities identified from your HR Audit, we will work with you to agree and select your top three HR / People Priorities

3. Develop your 12-month People Plan around:

a. Employee Engagement – recruitment, induction, employment contracts, employee pay and benefits, etc

b. Management – Code of Conduct, effective workplace behaviour, performance, talent, learning and work health and safety

c. Planning – Leave, Payroll, HR processes and systems

4. Next, we do the HR Strategy and Planning Session focused on implementing your plan to meet your current and mid term future needs.

5. From the key priorities, supporting HR Documents will be recommended for use with your People Plan – as part of this process, you will receive two free HR Documents.

6. Time Frame – > up to four hours in total, split between the HR Audit Questionnaire, HR Audit Results Report and Debrief, Planning Sessions to agree and develop your HR Plan / Implementation session.