About Us

Our passion is helping small and medium sized businesses to manage and improve their HR processes, so they free up time to focus on growing their business, increasing productivity and profits!

We believe …

  • the best way to grow your business and your brand is to take care of your greatest asset…your people.
  • that expert HR advice and support should be available to any business, regardless of size or budget.

How we can help …

  • Maybe you’re not in a position to employ an HR team at the moment, or,
  • maybe you don’t need full-time HR support, but,
  • at times you’d like/need a sound boarding, expert HR advice, or an extra set of hands.
  • The results of having an outsourced human resources team at your disposal can mean greater efficiencies, more productivity, and higher profits for your business.
  • The HRonHand team provides expert employee advice and support to small and medium-sized businesses, at a fraction of the cost of hiring a consultant or employing another HR team member. 

Our goals …

  • to help you better manage ‘all things HR’ to relieve you from the time-consuming complexities and confusion of people management. 
  • help you to get more done, so you can focus on what you do best… growing your business!

What Makes Us Different

Our passion is partnering with small and medium-sized businesses to develop effective and efficient HR/people management strategies that can help you increase productivity & profits.

The HRonHand team has over 45+years of HR experience, leadership and coaching skills working with small start-ups to large blue-chip global organisations and across a broad range of industries.

We are an HR Generalist meaning we can assist you with all things HR including:

  • HR support and advice
  • HR Strategy
  • HR compliance (audit, policies)
  • HR Documentation & Toolkits
  • Award interpretation
  • Recruitment, Induction & Orientation
  • Performance Management / Talent Development
  • Staff Retention, Benefits, and Exits

We make sure your company is operating smoothly for your peace of mind.


We become an extended part of your team, coming in and out of your business as you need us, giving you ultimate flexibility, without the overhead costs of an on-site team.

Small Focus Big Impact

We specialize in working with small and medium-sized businesses, tailoring our HR expertise to help them make a big impact for their businesses.


Our team brings over 45 years of combined experience to the table to work for your business.

Personalised Service

When you work with us, you get a dedicated HR Business Partner to work with, regardless of whether you use us once or twice a year, or more.  This ensures that we are better able to get to know you and your business and are able to provide you the right level of support.

Cost Savings

You get all the benefits of a robust, expert HR team without the steep cost of hiring consultants, lawyers or an additional team resource

What Some of Our Clients Say

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