10 ways to create an awesome culture


Successful businesses understand that employees are a key asset and their competitive advantage! 

Taking care of their people, ie, creating a great place to work, where people love what they do and are appreciated, engaged and productive is their key priority.

Here’s what happens when you invest in your team:

  • Increased happiness
  • Increased productivity
  • Happy clients
  • Repeat clients
  • Increased expenditure from clients
  • New referrals by clients
  • Increased profits

Some of the things that happen to you when you personally invest in your team:

  • Others step up and your job becomes easier
  • Stress and pressure decreases
  • Increased happiness
  • You have more time to focus on business growth initiatives – working on, not in your biz
  • You’ve more time to focus on spending on health, wellness, family, friends, etc

There are so many ways to create a great culture and they don’t need to cost you money!  Here are 10 ways to invest in your team:

  • Care for your employees – be present, be human, be respectful, be personal – find their inner spark (everyone is different)
  • Involve them in the purpose, the vision and mission
  • Communicate HOW we are going to do it (biz strategy and plans)
  • Communicate WHAT we want to achieve (biz goals) – do it frequently
  • Break down biz goals to the employee level so they understand how their personal contribution will be a part of your biz success
  • Understand their talents and utilise them – delegate and empower your staff to make decisions appropriate to their role!
  • Provide regular feedback – people love knowing how they are going
  • Ask for feedback and ideas – your employees are often closer to your customers and processes than you are; you don’t need to be the only one trying to be creative and coming up with ideas for your biz
  • Offer flexible work options (the world of work is no longer 9-5pm)
  • Celebrate successes, no matter how small – recognition and appreciation of efforts are incredibly powerful

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