How a Consultant Can Help with Your HR Strategic Plans

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As a business owner, you most likely have a growth or expansion plan in place for your company in the next few months or years.

It’s great to have goals to drive your business forward, but unless you have a strategic HR plan aligned with these goals, you’ll struggle to reach them and push the limits of your organisation’s success. After all, an organisation is only as strong as its culture, people, and processes.

But what are HR strategic plans and how do you come up with one? Keep reading to learn the answer to these questions and find out how an HR consultant can simplify the process.

What is an HR Strategic Plan?

A human resource strategic plan is a proposal or document that identifies how your organisation responds to current and future HR needs to achieve and maintain your company’s overall strategic goals. This is an important part of any business as it minimises potential human resource risks that your business might face.

In general, HR strategic planning should touch on key areas of HR. These areas include:

  • Recruitment and onboarding
  • Training, learning and development
  • Performance management
  • Employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Australian workforce law compliance

Perhaps you’ve always hired staff yourself and not thought much beyond how they can help you with your next project or work on a new customer. If this is you, your business could be missing out on the potential of human resource planning.

The purpose of strategic human resource planning is to predict the future of your HR needs to be ready for anything. You never know when your best employee will quit or whether your new hire will perform up to the expected standards. Even a day without having enough resources to maintain your business can be damaging.

However, when you have HR strategic plans in place, you are better positioned to take action quickly and minimise the loss to your business.

What’s the best way to develop a solid HR strategic plan? An HR consultant. Let’s look at why you should engage an HR consultant to help you create the perfect overall strategic plan for your business.

How HR Consultants Can Help with Your HR Strategic Plans

Coming up with HR strategic plans takes a lot of work, time, and dedication. When you’re busy running your business, you may not have the time and energy to devote to HR purposes, let alone to a comprehensive plan. That’s where an HR consultant comes in and either helps you or takes over the responsibility of developing the best HR strategic plans for your business.

Better yet, hiring an HR professional consultant to develop a plan will also save you money in several ways. First, using a consultant as opposed to hiring an HR employee or establishing an HR department means that you don’t have to pay additional costs in overheads, pensions, or other costs associated with hiring employees. Beyond that, you don’t have to spend time training them on your business as you would with an employee.

Not only does an HR consultant save you time and money, but they also have the specialised knowledge it takes to create a thorough plan that ensures you’re compliant and sets up objectives to cover all of your bases.

What’s more, an HR consultant doesn’t just help you develop HR strategic plans. They also offer a wide range of HR practices that can improve all aspects of your HR processes. These services include:

  • Setting up a basic HR infrastructure
  • Training, and development of skills
  • Drafting employee contracts or updating old ones
  • Providing interview support and workforce planning
  • Performing an HR audit.

Essentially, an HR consultant would be able to execute everything that would be part of your HR strategic plans, making them a valuable resource for your business and your people.

How HR on Hand Can Help

At HR on Hand, we offer a series of HR consultant packages to help you develop the HR strategy your business needs to succeed and stay prepared for whatever you may face.

We offer three options for HR consulting:

  1. An annual subscription that gives you a human resources team at your disposal to help you manage all things HR, including the creation of HR strategic plans. With this option, you get a one-page HR annual plan and an annual HR priorities list. Plus, you get an HR document audit as well as an HR compliance audit, which can help jumpstart your HR plan.
  2. One-off HR support: This option is good if you’re strictly looking for help developing your HR strategic plans. You can access HR advice at short notice to ensure you keep your momentum.
  3. Short-term (3-month) support package: This is a low-cost, low-commitment option that gives you the HR support you need to develop HR strategic plans and form the foundation to implement the actions in your plan.

In Summary

No matter how you choose to develop an HR strategic plan, what’s most important is that you simply have one in place.

HR strategic plans protect your business from potential calamities by ensuring that you always have a plan in place, no matter what challenges you may face.

To get started with HR on Hand and develop your HR strategic plans, book your free consultation today.

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