How Do I Find Outsourced Recruiters in Sydney?

Is your business based in Sydney? Although it’s a city rich and abundant in talent, finding the right job seeker for your business can still be a challenge. This is especially true if you’re not familiar with the city’s market or just decided to open a business in Sydney and aren’t familiar with it. It is even more difficult when you don’t have the resources to complete the hiring process without taking away from your everyday business operations.

Luckily, one option is to outsource your recruiting to someone who knows the Sydney job market and already has a pool of candidates that may be a perfect fit for your business. Keep reading to learn how to find recruiters in Sydney to help you staff your business for success.

Why Seeking Recruiters in Sydney Helps Your Bottom Line

It takes a lot to hire a new staff member. It takes, on average, 68 days to hire new staff, and the average cost per hire is $21,000. Looking at these two numbers alone, it’s easy to see how the hiring process takes away from your business. This is where outsourcing your recruitment to a recruitment consultant in Sydney helps.

Outsourcing your recruitment services is beneficial for your business in several ways. Here are just a few of them.

Save time

As mentioned, an open vacancy can last for months, leaving your business vulnerable and understaffed for a long time. This is understandable since while you’re trying to navigate the job market and hire the right employee, you’re also trying to keep your business running at less than ideal efficiency.

A recruiter can cut the time of your vacancy position down significantly, as they can focus on finding you the right candidate. Not only can a recruitment agency help you find talent quicker, but having a recruiter to carry the burden will save you time and let you continue to focus on your business while you wait for the right talent to be brought to you.

Save money

Hiring costs are a significant cost endured by businesses, and it’s often a cost that you’re faced with suddenly with little notice, especially when you have an employee quit or get terminated suddenly. The more senior the role is, the more expensive it is to fill, and the longer the role is vacant, the more money your business may stand to lose.

A recruiter generally costs less, as they usually take a percentage of the total compensation of the new hire. Standard recruitment agencies charge between 15% and 20%. Depending on the seniority of the role and the final salary of the new hire, the savings can be significant when you go with a recruiter.
Reach a larger talent pool

When you take the hiring process into your own hands, you’re restricted to your network and whoever happens to come across your job posting online. If you aren’t familiar with the Sydney job market, that might now be a very extensive pool of candidates, and it may take longer for the right candidate to make their way to you.

Recruiters in Sydney can often source resources from an already established pool of qualified candidates. As a result, you’ll generally find a series of candidates to pick from and fill your vacancy sooner than if you did it on your own.

What’s more, when you expand your talent pool and let an expert take over, you’re more likely to end up with the best talent for your business.

Why Use Outsourced Recruiters in Sydney?

There are currently over 7300 recruitment agencies in Australia, with many of those agencies in Sydney. When it comes time to hire staff for your business, you need a recruiter who knows the Sydney jobs market, Sydney talent and the nuances of attracting great people for your Sydney business.

Don’t limit yourself to a Sydney recruitment company that specializes in corporate businesses. Those recruiters are often the most expensive option. There are less expensive options that are tailored to small business recruitment.

Consider an outsourced recruitment agency that has the industry knowledge to navigate the Sydney job market and find great people for small businesses.

What’s more, depending on the type of business you operate, you may not need to restrict your talent pool to local professionals in Sydney. With so many companies going fully remote or allowing for remote work, you can expand your candidate search to the entirety of NSW, all of Australia, or even take it global to find the best talent for your business. An established recruitment agency has connections that can extend your search and help grow your company’s reach.


Outsourcing recruiters in Sydney is a great choice to save your company time and money and end up with the best new hires to grow your business.
We know that small and medium-sized businesses often don’t have the resources or expertise needed for HR and recruitment. That’s why HRonHand charges less for recruitment than traditional, or larger recruitment agencies. If you need help to determine your business’s HR needs for success or even just general advice or quick guidance on how to approach an HR situation, book a free 15-minute 1:1 consultation with one of our Human Resources experts at HRonHand.

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