How HR Consulting Services Help Your Business Survive

Every business owner knows that people are the key to success. From a plumbing company to a health franchise, having the right performance management plan for your people is crucial to growing your business, driving it forward, and maintaining your success. Employee engagement directly affects the success of your business. Engaged employees are 24% more likely to boost sales than uninvolved employees. 

With people being your biggest asset, it’s important to prioritize them and ensure that your staff are well-trained and happy with the work culture you promote. This is easier said than done, but luckily HR consulting services can help you set your staff up for success, better manage your team, and plan out the future of your business. Keep reading to learn how.

What are HR Consulting Services?

HR consulting involves a wide range of services for small business clients and their teams. These services may include:

  • Professional HR consulting
  • Recruitment
  • Education
  • Training 

If you aren’t satisfied with the current performance of your employees and team as a whole, you can hire a human resource consultant to create a plan that increases efficiency and boosts employee morale. 

  • People (and culture) plan: A plan that highlights your vision to grow your team and shift your culture towards your target.
  • Roadmap: A strategic plan that outlines the steps needed to reach a specific goal or outcome. 

Having a plan is crucial to the success of your business. Let’s find out why.

Risks of Not Having a Plan

Does your business have a people plan or roadmap to ensure your work culture is strong, your systems are robust, and your business can survive 2022 and beyond? If not, the risks include:

  • Lack of direction to drive your business forward.
  • Falling behind on important tasks and creating a backlog.
  • Being blindsided and not having a plan of action to prevent damage to your business

Whether it’s a roadmap, people plan, or culture plan, it’s important to have a plan to keep your employees happy and your business secure. Without a plan, you put your business at risk of several calamities.

1. Risk of Lacking Direction

Your business wouldn’t survive without your trusted employees. That’s why it’s important to understand where you want to take your team and your business in the future. 

If you don’t know where you want to take your business, then you’ll never get there. The same goes for your team. If your leadership team seems unmotivated or isn’t giving their all, it might be because they don’t have a clear goal to guide them in their work.

A plan ensures that you always drive your business forward. Not only will you know where you want to end up, but you’ll know each step you need to take to accomplish your goal. 

HR consulting services can help you do an HR audit to come up with a goal that best suits your workforce and help you map out the steps you need to take to achieve that goal by creating a roadmap.

2. Risk of Falling Behind

A plan also plays a key role in project management. 

To get tasks done, you need the right resources. If you have fewer people than you require for a job, you end up having to extend your timeline, which can result in your business falling behind. 

Without a roadmap or at least some type of human resources management plan, you risk ending up with a backlog of tasks, hindering you from moving forward and negatively impacting your team. They may feel like they’re taking on additional work, shifting your company culture.  

A plan ensures that you know who is responsible for each task and when it should be done. HR consulting services can help you assess the skills of your current employees and reveal gaps in your human capital, helping you strengthen your business.

3. Risk of Being Blindsided

The last risk that you might face without a culture plan is your organisation being blindsided. As much as you strive to create an ideal work culture for your employees, you can’t control their decisions, and you have to be ready for anything.  

What happens if your best employee suddenly quits? If you greatly relied on them and didn’t have an alternative plan, your workforce and business might temporarily end up at a standstill. To illustrate, 88% of Australian businesses employ four people or less. If one of your team members leaves, that’s 25% of your human capital gone. 

A plan doesn’t just ensure that you have a clear path to drive your business forward. If the unexpected happens, a plan ensures that you can face the challenge, deal with it promptly, and continue with your business. 

HR consulting services can help you create a contingency plan for situations that would significantly impact your business. These situations include:

  • An employee or management suddenly leaving their role.
  • Illness of an employee.
  • Sudden shift in working conditions (i.e., from in-office to remote work).

Conclusion: HR Consulting Services Save Your Business

A people plan creates a strong work culture and empowers your employees to accomplish more in your organisation. Without one, you can lose the expertise of your trusted team and put your business at risk.

Now is the time to consider reviewing your talent management and human resources practices to identify gaps and future-proof your business. If you’re looking for expert advice from an HR consultancy service to help, HRonHand can work with you to develop a People Plan or People Roadmap with our HR Strategy Session and any other HR needs. Click here to learn more and book your HR Strategy and Planning session today.

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