Job Keeper in Plain English

Like so many of you, we too are working our way through the process of interpreting, understanding and then working out what we need to do to assess our eligibility and hopefully apply for some of the recently announced Government Support packages.

Job Keeper for most of us is the key one!

You’ve probably seen a dozen different interpretations of these, however, here are the ones we are guided by:

Once you’ve got all the information and done your research (talked to your accountant, organised single touch payroll, etc), what are the next steps you need to take to access Job Keeper?

Follow the below steps:

  1. To register your interest in Job Keeper, go to:
  2. Find out who is eligible (employers and employees), go here:
  3. Once you’ve determined your eligibility (as an employer and which employee/s), you need to enrol for the Job Keeper payment:
  4. To nominate your eligible employee/s, do this:—employee-nomination-notice/
  5. To find out how to pay your eligible employees and what your obligations are:

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