Top 10 Recruitment Agencies in Australia 2022

Recruitment agencies can be a saving grace for many business owners who need to hire new staff but don’t have the time to go through the entire hiring process.

Most recruitment agencies offer staffing solutions that help businesses find the best new talent possible. These services may include:

  • Sourcing their own database and network to find qualified candidates
  • Going through the interviewing process with qualified candidates and connecting them to you
  • Negotiating on your behalf
  • Onboarding

However, this list is just the tip of the iceberg. Top recruiters in Australia offer other services to help you operate your business and equip you with the tools to grow. You don’t have to go with big agencies like Adecco and Manpower to get the best service. The top 10 recruitment agencies in Australia come in many different sizes but offer quality service.

Keep reading to learn what the top recruitment consultant agencies in Australia do to help every client succeed.

Do You Need a Recruitment Agency?

Before looking into a recruitment agency, you should start by evaluating your need for a new hire by understanding your current employees, their skills, and their current roles. You may come to understand that you do not need to hire a new employee to fill any vacancies and already have the right person on staff, which may lead to restructuring instead of a new hire.

Internal hires cost less and tend to perform better than external hires, but unfortunately you don’t always have the resources ready to fulfil certain roles, especially as your company grows.

What Do the Top 10 Recruitment Agencies in Australia Do?

Are any of these issues a problem for your business:

  • Finding time to start the hiring process
  • Ineffective talent acquisition
  • Can’t keep track of your candidates throughout the process
  • Struggling to properly train your new hires

If you struggle with any of these, a recruitment firm can go through the hiring process with you or even do it for you. The best recruitment agencies take the time to understand your company’s needs and work with you. Here are the services to expect from the top 10 recruitment agencies in Australia.

Ensure that you have a recruitment policy

Your recruitment policy is the foundation of your hiring process. It is a statement about how your company hires new employees, outlines hiring practices, and ensures consistency throughout the process.

You can’t start a successful recruitment process without a recruitment policy in place. It ensures that you have a starting point and a goal for where you want to end up. Without a policy, you might find yourself prolonging the recruitment process, confusing applicants, or ending up with the wrong person for the job.

Top 10 recruitment agencies in Australia help you create a recruitment policy in line with your business practices. From there, they make sure that recruitment keeps in line with the process you laid out to find the best candidates for your company.

Become an expert on your company

The top 10 recruitment agencies in Australia learn about your company and needs before proceeding with the hiring process. They learn what your company’s budget is and work within that budget to hire the best new employees.

If you decide that an external hiring process is necessary and that you have the budget for it, a recruitment staffing agency will proceed to set up everything you need for recruitment, such as:

  • Work on a complete and comprehensive job description
  • Advertise the position on job boards and internally
  • Source qualified candidates from their own database
  • Carry out pre-interview tasks such as preparing pre-interview questionnaires and going through job applicants
Interview and create an offer of employment

One of the most important but also most tedious tasks of the recruitment process is interviewing candidates for each role. Scheduling and setting up interview questions is a time-consuming activity, especially when you find out that what seemed to be a viable candidate on paper isn’t what they seem when you meet with them.

Luckily, the best recruitment service will take on this burden and do most of the interviewing work for you. They do the pre-screening interviews to ensure that you only have to speak to qualified candidates and they set up the right interview questions to help you find what you’re looking for. They’ll also check references and debrief you after your interviews to see how you’re feeling and where your head’s at.

From there, a great recruitment service will draft up offers of employment to your preferred candidates and negotiate other aspects such as potential start dates.

Their job isn’t done once you have your new hire

Some recruitment agencies are finished with you once you and your new hire have signed the paperwork, leaving you with your new employee on the first day. As you know, an employee’s first day is usually very hectic, and it can be stressful to carry on your day-to-day tasks while ensuring that your new hire completes all of their paperwork and is brought up to speed.

That’s why the top 10 recruitment agencies in Australia don’t leave you immediately after your new hire walks into the office for their first day. Instead, they will assist you in the onboarding process and ensure that all of the proper paperwork is ready to go. They’ll even allocate time to help you train your new employee to ensure that they’re the right fit for your company.

In cases where they aren’t the right fit and you have to go through the process again, your recruitment agency will be able to source candidates from the original hiring process and accelerate your search for the right candidate.

Wrap up: Are Large Agencies the Best Option?

In case you’re curious, the top 10 largest agencies in the recruitment industry in Australia are:

  1. Adecco (the largest in the world)
  2. Randstad Australia
  3. Robert Walters Australia
  4. Hudson Recruitment Agency
  5. Michael Page
  6. Manpower Australia
  7. Chandler MacLeod
  8. Hays Specialist Recruitment
  9. Kelly Services Australia
  10. Page Personnel Australia

These top 10 recruitment agencies will indeed use effective methods for recruiting that save you the hassle and give you time to focus on growing your business. But due to their size and their focus on global reach, this comes at a cost that is unjustifiable for many small businesses.

The good news is you don’t have to break the bank to get the type and quality of services these recruiters provide. Not only can HRonHand provide the services you need at a lower rate, but we are tailored for small businesses. You can rest assured that your business will get the attention it needs as well as a personalised recruitment process to help you find the right job seeker.

If you’re still struggling through the recruitment process and not sure if consulting a recruitment agency is the right step for you, start by viewing our recruitment checklist to give you an idea of the best place to start.

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